Colegio SOLYNIEVE-CES is a society of lay teachers, compromised to fully educate their students, helping families in the education and training of their children, through the development of the essential and universal human values such as kindness, discipline, respect for others, study and working habits, social manners and courtesy; so as students embrace the 52 virtues recommended by UNESCO in their educational process, which are integrated in the Project.

In order to meet the goals that define the Institution, the School has excellent technical, material and human resources that contribute to reach the expected high quality educational results. We could mention as an example, those which are less usual among other schools:

  • Psycho-social Support Department, which consists of a Speech Therapist, a Educational Psychologist and a Doctor.
  • Legal Advisory Service, where a lawyer from the Madrid Law School can assist families on educational related issues.
  • Own kitchen, specialised in gluten intolerant food.
  • Mini transport for students.
  • Accommodation for students or athletes.
  • Boarding school.
  • Cafeteria and Restaurant for parents.
  • Jacuzzi, sauna and indoor sports centre with large outdoor courts.
  • Conference Hall, IT room, Dance classroom, Music classroom, Library, Tatami, etc.

The syllabus and activities that are conducted have a comprehensive and original design and are unique in Spain. Here goes a short summary:

Avda. Castañeras 22
28939 Arroyomolinos



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MAÑANAS: DE 13:10 H. A 14:00 H.

TARDES: DE 16:00 H. A 17:00 H.

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