The school tries to fully educate the Students, from a modern perspective, thus emphasizing in bilingual education from age 0, with Spanish and British teachers. Language is taken into account. Compared to other schools, where they have less hours, Physical Education is taught on a daily basis. Judo is included in the syllabus and it is regarded by the UNESCO as the most comprehensive sport, as well as Dance, Aerobics and Swimming. IT is integrated in all subjects since an early age. We also educate our students in Plastic Arts, as Art is taught at all curricula levels. The School has a full team of Psychologists and Pedagogues, who cover the following specialities: Educational Psychology, Speech Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Medicine and Quality Pedagogy.

Main Epigraphs

Although it is thought that every teacher has a different style in this courses, according to his/her personality and depending on the subject he/her teaches, we intend to have the following postulates in common:

  1. Education must be active, with a continuous interaction between teachers and students so as teachers get to know how their students and adapt their methods according to their needs. “Give every student what he is entitled to, but everybody needs to help others, and those who are the best, need to help more.”
  2. Additionally, students have to be participative and ask any questions that may arise during their learning process, so the teacher can have a better understanding of their needs.
  3. Teachers have all technical and educational necessary resources they need in order to carry out their teaching activity efficiently, keeping the students updated with all the available resources. Specially with the little ones, we try to keep in mind the Manjon's maxim of “play & learn”, so they can learn in a funny way, almost without realising. Obviously, the system requires a good preparation of the courses.
  4. We have been appointed not only to the transmission of ‘knowledge’ but also of ‘attitudes’, which is considered an essential element, as this is going to mould the future personality of the student.
  5. Activities that take place out of the School premises, such as museum visits, trips to the mountain, concerts, etc. are also considered important for students. These are not a mere ‘journey out’ but are planned in order to gather the most educational content and so the students have a good time.

Most significant educational goals

  1. Student’s emotional intelligence development
  2. Bilingual education practice in English
  3. Student’s sense of aesthetics development
  4. Daily physical education development

Quality indicators

  1. Student’s satisfaction level
  2. Respect and relation towards teachers evaluation
  3. Students education level evaluation
  4. Parent’s satisfaction level
  5. Academic results indicators
  6. Innovative,original and top quality educational project
  7. Good Quality School Management

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